Metal 3D printing for tire molds

Metal 3D printing for tire molds

Complex geometry is another reason manufacturers turn to metal 3D printing for molds. For example, tire manufacturers Michelin and Bridgestone use metal 3D printing for tire molds because they can produce more complex tread patterns easier and faster than conventional methods.

3D printed tire molds, offers manufacturers faster access to more complex designs

Metal 3D printing is used to create molds for final product production and prototypes. The same digital mold file you would feed to the CNC or mill in conventional mold making can be used instead to create a 3D printing file, which is then uploaded to a 3D printer that creates the mold. That original file can also be improved upon to take advantage of the unique features of 3D printing.

The fine detail possible with metal 3D printing technology, such as laser powder bed fusion, enables manufacturers to skip several steps in the conventional mold-making process and eliminate the need for skilled machinists.

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