Seamlessly operate your printers with software from 3D Metalwerks


The 3D Metalwerks additive manufacturing integrated open source operation control system independently developed by Xiamen INONE Technology integrates functions such as model processina. data transmission. temperature control, remote monitoring, and fault feedback. It is a collection of multiple functional modules and self-developed equipment. The integrated control software is one of the few open source control software independently developed in China and also one of the few open operating platforms in the global 3D printing field. 

  • 3D Metalwerks software integrates model layout, support and slicing into one processing system,and calculates the printing time and cost of workpieces under different materials
  • Real-time display of the support position and the area of the support surface, and at the same time adjust and edit the support according to the position of the workpiece, reducing the internal stress of the workpiece during sintering and improving the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece   
  • Provide customers with a variety of scanning strategies, such as bar scanning, linear scanning, checkerboard scanning, etc., to improve sintering efficiency and molding quality    
  • 3D Metalwerks software is fully compatible with the current mainstream modeling software UG Solidworks, Inventor, 3D Max, Maya, SketchUp, Blender, etc., and is highly compatible with the current mainstream 3D printing software Magics, Netfabb, 3Dxpert, etc

Model software processing system

Model Processing

  • STL models can be typeset manually and automatically
  • Models can be copied, rotated, scaled, etc.
  • Preview of pending support and support surface
  • Support editable
  • Scan path setting and molding preview
  • Material cost estimation
  • Molding time estimation

Equipment Control

  • Laser parameter modification setting
  • Motion parameter modification settings
  • Heating temperature automatic control
  • Automatic oxygen control
  • Operational security alarm control

Molding Process

  • Remote monitoring of printing status
  • Real-time monitoring of temperature. Data such as oxygen content and pressure
  • Real-time display of printing layers and positions
  • Change printing parameters online

3D Printers

Selective laser melting (SLM) is the premier metal 3D printing technology revolutionizing the additive manufacture of metal parts, but how does it work, and which 3D printers do it best?

Metal materials

INONE offers an extensive and versatile portfolio of 3D printing materials for applications and performance characteristics in additive manufacturing:stainless steel、die steel、titanium、copper、aluminumalloy、superalloy, and more.

Plastic 3D Printers

Stereolithography, or SLA 3D printing, is one of the most popular and widespread printing methods in the world of additive manufacturing. SLA remains the process that produces the most detailed parts and smoothest surface finish.

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